Tuesday, August 5, 2014


It's been over 5 days of wearing the new cochlear implant. It has been very challenging. 

Sunday: new sounds I am starting to be able to hear: With the windows rolled down, I can hear the wind blowing by, I can hear the car rumbling, and I can hear Ryder panting. All this on the way to take the dog for a walk in the metroparks! Officially started training to recognize words with Mike. I did not too bad. We only practiced the six words: baseball, cowboy, toothbrush, popcorn, and airplane. I figured it was a good idea to start with these words since they were the first words I heard. Found myself struggling with three words  - hotdog, popcorn, and cowboy. 

Monday: Aunt Joanne offered to help me with the word recognition training and I was happy to have help during the day and not have to wait for Mike to come home from work to help me out. It was a nice afternoon so we sat outside on the deck and practiced. I decided that I wanted to familiarize myself with names especially in the family. That went not too bad. Definitely found out there were words that I'm struggling with: Hank, Ryder, Dad, Mom, Mike, and Scott. But that's okay. I still struggled with the words: hotdog and popcorn. I did better hearing/recognizing: baseball, toothbrush, and airplane. So we practiced with both my implants on and just the new implant. After we finished, I decided I needed a nap because I felt so tired, mentally. I ended up napping for two hours. Mike woke me up after he got home from work. Oops. I needed to rest,
I guess!

Tuesday: Aunt Joanne came over around noon to help me again. So we did the same words - did pretty well with two implants on. I found myself struggling with only the new implant. We went over the names and I decided to add on a few more names in my family so I would start knowing what they were. We worked for about a hour, maybe a little bit over an hour. I found myself once again struggling with the names: Scott, Scottie, Mike, Hank, Ali, Al, and Dan. I'll get there eventually. But I did not too bad today! I did start to be able to hear the rain coming down and the water coming off the roof during the thunderstorm. So that's new and I was able to hear that. So after we finished up, we had lunch so that was a good time. 

Well, it is midnight and I am tired! I will end it and update in a day or two. Good night! =)