Friday, August 22, 2014

Just another update!


It's interesting...  Last week, I was at Starbucks trying out a program on my new CI and I was wearing both. People take double takes and look at me or stare at me when I'm not noticing but I'm really aware of that. But I'm honestly so used to it after a long time. It's like, have you not ever seen anyone wearing hearing aids? Same idea! 
Went to the Browns game on Saturday night - a whole new experience for wearing both my implants. I immediately noticed while walking to the stadium that I could hear R&B music playing at the Nautica Pavilion. I wasn't able to before. As soon we got to the stadium, I was able to hear so much and most of it was confusion. I could hear people talking and hear words here and there, but not 100% clear of what they were saying. But I could definitely hear a lot more than I did last year, well more like the last 6-7 years. You'd think you can't remember but you'd be surprised how much you can and go, "Yeah, I definitely did not hear this much before!"

Had my second speech therapy done this morning. Went well! We talked more than we practiced this time but it's okay. I did mention about how I enjoyed using program 2 more than program 1 due to it being louder. Still getting used to the music program but that seems to work well. Although there is one minor thing that needs to be fixed - the ringing when I'm using program 2.  Hopefully that will be discussed on Thursday for the 3rd mapping appointment. If we could get to between program 1 and 2, I think it'd be ideal and the right area for me to be in. So we will see! 

That's all for now.
Good night! =)